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Povidone-Iodine USP 10% Solution
Povidone-Iodine USP 6% Cream


Povidone-Iodine is a stable chemical complex of polyvinylpyrrolidone (povidone, PVP) and elemental iodine. It contains from 9.0% to 12.0% available iodine.It was found that the complex was less toxic than tincture of iodine and showed the product to be superior to other iodine formulations.

Mechanism of Action

  • Free iodine, slowly liberated from the povoiodine-iodine (PVPI) complex in solution, kills eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells through iodination of lipids and oxidation of cytoplasm and membrane compounds. This agent exhibits a broad range of microbicidal activity against bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.
  • Slow release of iodine from the Povidone Iodine (PVPI) complex in solution minimizes iodine toxicity towards mammalian cells.


  • For the prevention and treatment of surface infections as well as to disinfect the skin, mucous membrane
  • For disinfection of wounds, burns, lacerations and abrasions
  • For preoperative and postoperative scrubbing and washing of hospital operating room and equipments
  • For preoperative prepping of operative site, including the vagina
  • As a prophylactic anti-infective agent in house, hospital & office procedures Postoperative application to incisions to help prevent infection

Dosage and administration

Poviclean Cream: Apply directly to the affected area as needed: may be bandaged.
Poviclean Solution: Apply in full strength as often as needed as a paint, spray or wet soak: may be bandaged (where necessary).


POVICLEAN preparation is contraindicated for the patient who have previously shown a hyper sensitivity reaction to Povidone-Iodine or elemental Iodine

Side effects

Skin irritation may occure who have a hypersensitivity to Povidone-Iodine or Iodine but it is rare. In this cases stop application of this product.


  • Avoid contact with brain, meninges, middle ear
  • Avoid contact with the eyes
  • This preparation is for external use only. Avoid use in body cavities.
  • Don’t use in case of serious burns or deep puncture wounds

Eye contact

In case of contact, flush eyes with plenty of water at least for 15 minutes. And get medical attention.

Accidental Ingestion

If swallowed do not use vomiting. Drink several glass of milk or water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical attention.


Store between 150c – 250c. Keep out of reach of children .Avoid freezing

Pack Size

Available in 1L HDPE Container and 100 ml PET Bottle & 25 gm Alu Tube

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