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Green Enema®

Monobasic Sodium Phosphate 19g
Dibasic Sodium Phosphate 7g/118 ml


It acts as a saline laxative when administered by the rectal route. Fluid accumulation in the lower bowel produces distension and promotes peristalsis and bowel movement on the rectum, sigmoid and descending colon resulting in rapid evacuation.


  • It is indicated for the relief of occasional constipation.
  • It is used where bowel cleansing is required, such as before and after lower bowel surgery, delivery and post-partum, before proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy and before radiological examinations of the lower bowel.

Dosage and administration

Adults, Elderly and Children over 12 years old: 1 Green Enema® (118 ml delivered dose) not more than once daily or as directed by a physician.

Directions for Use

Left-side position: Lie on left side with knee bent and arms resting comfortably.

Knee-chest position: Kneel, and then lower head and chest forward until left side of face is resting on surface with left arm folded comfortably.

How to use this enema:

  • Remove protective shield from enema comfortip before insertion.
  • With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a slight side to side movement with tip pointing to navel. Insertion may be easier if person receiving enema down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus.
  • Do not force the enema tip into rectum as this can cause injury.
  • Squeeze bottle until nearly all liquid is gone. It is not necessary to empty the bottle completely, as it contains more liquid than needed.
  • Remove comfortip from rectum and maintain position until urge to evacuate is strong (usually 2 to 5 minutes)

Advice: Administer sodium phosphates enema at room temperature. Drink additional liquid during therapy to ensure adequate hydration.


Do not use in patients with, impairment of renal function, gastrointestinal obstruction, congestive heart failure, , Paralytic ileus, Perforation, Active inflammatory bowel Imperforate anus, Dehydration, Hypersensitivity to active ingredients or to any of the excipients of the product.


Use with caution in patients, with impaired renal function, with pre-existing electrolyte disturbances or who are taking diuretics which may affect electrolyte levels.

Adverse Effect

Well tolerated when used as indicated. However, adverse events possibly associated with the use of phosphate enema have been infrequently reported.

Pregnancy And Lactation

It should only be used as directed by a physician at the time of delivery or postpartum. It is advised that breast milk discarded for at least 24 hours after receiving Green Enema® as   sodium phosphate may pass into the breast milk.

Drug Interaction

Use with caution in patients taking calcium channel blockers, diuretics, lithium treatment or other medications that might affect electrolyte levels. No other sodium phosphate preparations including sodium phosphate oral solution or tablets should be given concomitantly.


Using more than one Green Enema® in 24 hours can be harmful. Treatment of electrolyte imbalance may be required.


Store between 150c – 250c. Keep out of reach of children .Protect from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.


Green Enema®: Each Box contains 133 ml solution in LDPE ready to squeeze container.

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